Animal and Fantasy Art by Michelle J.A. McIntyre

Animal and Fantasy Art tutorial by artist Michelle J.A. McIntyre. Includs a step by step example of "Waterdragon" illustration done in colored pencil on fiber-enhanced paper.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Second Step - "Waterdragon"

(transfer)When I have worked out the line drawing, I then transfer it to the final paper. My favorite papers are those that are fiber enhanced like Strathmore Artagain but I also like Stonehenge for some things. 99% of the time I use a toned paper. White scares me and is difficult with my transfer technique. Anyway, I simply flip the vellum paper over and burnish over the sketch with a popcicle stick. Don't laugh, okay? *winks* I've been doing it this way for years and see no reason to change.


Blogger Mike said...

I bet it takes as much heart as talent to make it all blend so beautifully. :)


9:41 AM  

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