Animal and Fantasy Art by Michelle J.A. McIntyre

Animal and Fantasy Art tutorial by artist Michelle J.A. McIntyre. Includs a step by step example of "Waterdragon" illustration done in colored pencil on fiber-enhanced paper.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

First Step - "Waterdragon"

The first thing I do is tape down a piece of transparent vellum paper onto my high-tech drawing board. Well, okay, it's an old kitchen cabinet door upon which I've taped down a piece of white paper topped with a sheet of acrylic. You see, I always draw either on the couch or in my lazyboy chair. Sitting at a table to draw gives me pains in my back and neck. Whatever works, right? I use transparent vellum so that I can easily flip the page over to check my proportions as I go. Okay, so here's a picture of my first sketch. You'll notice that the sketch is a mirror image of the final.


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